Is Your Packaging Costing You Sales? Profits?

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

    • Profits being squeezed with no end in sight?
    • Don’t feel in control of your product at retail?
    • Think your product should be selling for more?
    • Struggling to get retailers to support your products?
    • Having difficulty standing out in a crowded produce department?

Did you realise some of these issues are related to your packaging?

Too often growers only see packaging as a way to transport produce from point A to point B and not for the HUGE marketing opportunity it can be.

You know your produce is of the highest quality and that a shopper would be crazy for buying anything else, but are you using the great opportunity your packaging offers to tell that story?

The biggest problem in most produce packaging is that it is too “producer” focused and not at all directed at the end-user. You know, the person actually shelling out money to buy your goods.

It’s OK to be proud of your brand, but it shouldn’t dominate your packaging.

While not changing your packaging in a decade has been easy & saved you money, given that shoppers have changed, is that old pack helping you sell or hindering you?

What are the benefits associated with your product, not just its name and place of origin?

Changing your on-pack messaging is not as difficult or expensive as you might imagine.

Here are Five Steps to Turn Your Packaging Into A Sales Tool:

    1. Think like a food marketer. Spend time in the grocery aisles.
    2. Turn EVERY package into a billboard. Use that precious space to SELL, SELL, SELL.
    3. Understand your shopper. WHY do they buy? Look for the high value niche.
    4. Understand your product. Sell its advantages. Don’t simply re-state what’s in the bag.
    5. Know the trends and use them (eg: high in fibre changes to intestinal health).

If you are on this site it is probably because you are unsatisfied with something about how you are currently marketing your produce.

Are you ready to challenge the status quo? Get your packaging to work harder to sell your product? Want to see if you can squeeze more profit per pack? Want to convert your packaging from a cost to a sales tool?

Then what are you waiting for?

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